Pisa Kafe – the Italian pizza

Kalian pasti tahu tentang the famous 1-meter pizza di Indonesia ini? Yes! itu lah Pisa Kafe. Aku ada kesempatan lagi untuk mencobai makanan disini, tapi aku tidak coba 1-meter pizza. Cuman kita bertiga saja yang datang (my wife and my son) hehehe. Jadi akhirnya kita order 2 pizza, Pizza Boulevard dan Calzone. A mocktail called Tramauto and of course their famouse gelatos both the After Eight and the double chocolate.

Pizza Boulevard, aku recommend deh, tidak bakal kecewa kalau mencobainya. Akan tetapi aku pikir yang kurang itu adalah kejunya. Duh masa makanan pizza kejunya sedikit sih? (boleh tuh dicomplain sama-sama hehe).
Calzone nya not bad lhooo..still the same…lack of cheese! come on Pisa kafe, what’s going on? :)
I am suprised by the mocktail that I ordered, Tramauto, a splash of sirsak, apple and pear i think (i forgot the mixture actually). sangat menyegarkan dan addictive :) . Aku ingin pesen satu lagi akan tetapi untungnya aku inget akan gelatonya :D . jadilah “After Eight” and Double Chocolate.

regrettably, I hate to say the “After Eight” is so so saja. It’s a choco mint (I love anything chocolate and mint together), saya rasa “after eight” gak bisa ngalahin rasanya baskin robin ‘Chocolate Mint Chip’.
Although, the double chocolate is very tasty, very rich in dark chocolate dan adanya dark chocolate adanya bitter taste di ice cream itu paling top notch deh!

The Pisa Kafe yang aku pergi ini di Jalan Manyar. Tempatnya lumayan bagus juga sih. sangat santai, ada musik dan bisa nonton cable TV. Very nice setting kok.

Hope to be back again :)

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Starbucks – Chicken Tortirice

So in recent news that Starbucks lagi mau release another drink size of 916ml dubbed Trenta. Wow isn’t that amazing, hampir 1 liter cup of (tea, coffee, frappucino or latte). Mungkin jangan dibilang cup lagi ya? mestinya botol :P hehehe. aku berharap bisa mencobanya, diisi dengan Mocha Frappucino, bisa bisa kembung nanti. :)

To continue on…yesterday aku ada meeting dengan temanku di Galaxy Mal starbucks. Setiap kali aku ke starbucks, aku pasti clingak-clinguk lihat ada makanan apa aja di food counter yang biasanya didepan itu. Eits kelihatan somewhat familiar looking food that has wrapping like tortilla, Mexicano food. It’s called Chicken Tortirice. Without further ado, aku langsung pesan satu and make it hot! So this is what it looks like:

Chicken Tortirice

And wow lahapan pertama sangat yummy! Pilaf rice dan ayam didalamnya. I miss mexican food, and unfortunately, di Surabaya masih belum ada authentic mexican food. Baru mau ambil lahapan yang kedua, temanku udah datang dan akhirnya kita ngobrol-ngobrol. Karena serunya kita ngobrol, makananku jadi dingin deh. Aku coba lagi, aduh minta ampun kerasnya itu kulit tortillanya. Jadi words of advice, eat it while it’s hot! hehe jadi silahkan coba dan aku jamin deh pasti enak kok :) aku dah rencana untuk mencobanya lagi dimasa yang dekat ini.

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DNatural – healthy food lifestyle

Have you ever try olive rice or black rice? They are healthy rice which I first met in DNatural food place in Darmo, Surabaya.
This place cooks healthy food and surprisingly there are many choices. The owner, Mrs. Shirley, said to me that “Healthy food doesn’t mean it has to be tasteless” and she proved that to us.
Below are some of the dishes that we had during our visit to the place.

The Black XO sauce fried rice is pretty good actually. The XO sauce is made from healthy and natural ingredients.
Hainanese Black Rice? What could more interesting than that?! Hehehe.
They use virgin olive oil in most of their dishes.

Not only just food, they have healthy drinks as well. I remembered trying one drink that has 48 different type vegetables mixed with apple juice. :D

Please do try and you will be suprised. They are located in Bukit Darmo Golf Ruko complex. Next to LenMarc Shopping Center.

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Dapur Coklat – Hazelnut and Mango

Ending my weekend with two delicious cakes from Dapur Coklat. Tried a couple of cakes from them and these are my favorites. :D (I’ve always bought them in pair. ;) )

Hazelnut and Mango

Hazelnut with dark chocolate has this bittersweet taste, ya yang sebenarnya sudah lama saya mencari cake seperti ini. :) A slice is enough to satisfy my budtaste but two slices in a day mungkin bisa jadi mual kali ya :) Siapa tau, saya belum pernah cobain sekaligus sih.

Mango Chocolate cake, mangga jelly diatas dan ditemanin oleh coklat mousse and mango mousse dibawahnya and ditengah-tengah mousse’s ini ada coklat cakenya. Mangganya bittersweet as well, amazingly masih ada rasa mangganya yang sangat kuat dan tidak terlalu manis saya rasa. The bitter chocolate helps healing (menurunkan) the strong sweetness in the mango. Recommended for those yang suka fruity chocolate cake. :D

By the way, Dapur Coklat ini isinya coklat semua lho, akan tetapi the darkest chocolate they have is only at 40%, I wish they have a selection of chocolate cakes with at least 60% or more in noir :D
They are located in Jl. Biliton Surabaya. You won’t miss it if you drive along the road.

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Jun Njan at Grand Indonesia

So far, this is the best Chinese restaurant I’ve ever had in Indonesia! How come?

first of all I think it’s healthier than any other Chinese restaurant (probably, I just need confirmation :D ). Usually, in Chinese restaurant, I’ve always ordered like 2 or 3 drinks, most likely due to “MSG” or “asin” that makes me thirsty throughout the course. In Jun Njan, guess what, 1 drink and it’s orange juice! you know how orange juice tends to make you thirsty as well? and to my surprise, I didnt order any other drink.

Secondly, the portion is just nice! the n-i-c-e .. not too little and not too much. I ate with my friend, just the two of us and wow we ordered like 4 dishes and we finished them all! That is the power of “the right portion”, we were able to try that many dishes including ice cream and fruit platter!

Check out the dishes that we ordered:

Brocolli cooked in white onion sauce

Sweet and Sour Chicken - delicious and lovely

Seafood Sapo Tofu without the squid

Vanilla ice cream with watermelon cubes! Varieties!

I hope Ju Njan will open soon in Surabaya and shows example!

By the way, they should not let people smoke inside the restaurant…it destroyed the food aroma!!

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